Life, Reflections

Ground Zero

When I am younger, I am those type whom “I will tear off a page if I get a word wrong on my diary” thus I am unable to keep one because I will end up thinning the book. After the introduction of the Blogspot, I get to pen my words but well, I kept changing the blog name, different blog for different purposes and I end up keeping tons but I update none. Same for Dayre…

So here I am, penning down the thoughts on a new space, a make a restart in everything and importantly to pen down the growth of myself, as a mother, daughter and whoever I perceive myself as.

SUPERMEOWMEE – it was a slang for supermom but well, this is what my daughters called me “Meowmee” better than a pussy isn’t it. Kids grow up fast and sometimes I wish for a retake in Life. But well, never too late to start isn’t it?

So good luck to myself. Anyone wants to do a side bet on how long I am able to upkeep this space?



Well, don’t judge me. We shall see.


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