Not Huat but Heng.


Luckily, I am alright, hmm.

Had a brush with the stroke of bad luck this morning, or many many stroke of bad luck. Took Grabhitch and the car broke down halfway, at the expressway. Ok fine, one off incident… Fair enough.

Took a cab from AMK Expressway Flyover and halfway through the peaceful ride, at the red light at the traffic light, the cab was hit by a Toyota Harrier from behind and tahan, that was end of my 2nd ride.

Took the 3rd cab from the accident location which is 5-10 mins away from the office, I was flabbergasted. The battery was on the verge of dying and it travelled at 40km/hr and took 20 mins to reach my workplace.

Despite today, I did not need to pay for my ride as all the three drivers do not want to charge me. I still paid the No 2 Taxi Driver and No 3 Driver as a form of good luck and perhaps, it would be a blessing in disguise that I reached the office in good hands despite having a sore arm from the No 2. accident’s impact.

My sister reminded me how heng I was and also my brother reminded me of 7 million toto this evening. Perhaps, luck will be shining while I take on a positive note onto the approach in life. May I strike the 7 Million tonight.

“Sometimes, I need these bad times to make me appreciate the good times.”

Sometimes I wonder, what happened if this happened when I am in KL? Hmmm… Will be I panicky or whatever…

Perhaps not. However I realised PA trained me well enough to stay calm and compose sia. Sibei calm to be exact.


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