Life, Parenthood, Rants

Annie, Versace Lee.

The title made no sense (so was the day) but every 28 March marks the day that I signed on the dotted line. That dotted line that enabled me to be the legally binding person, liability to another party on this faithful universe.

It’s the wedding annieversacelee anniversary once again. Yay, I survived till this day, again. To be frank, I wasn’t keen to even wish myself, “many more years to come” because I never want to continue such life. The idiosyncrasy of independence.

So instead, I will wish myself, many more good years to come, as a mother and as a daughter (in-law). But still, thank you for the day. It was a day of joy years back but no longer joyful as the years past.

and I wonder, will my days/ years get better because I am closed to say, “Just f**k off from it.”


And who doesn’t hope to take a longer break in life, but can one afford to? At least, I am conscious to my decision and did my part as a mother.

Bonus: The #ongsisters and I did a painting together including #matchathechihuahua for the #canonstickerjam contest (Check out via instagram and remember to like our piece).


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