Life, Parenthood

Multi-Tasking Level: 500%

All thanks to Parenthood.

I think all parents are able to relate:

  1. Working on the laptop/ phones while holding onto the milk bottle.
  2. Spoonfeed the younger ones while you are on the phone with your clients/ working partners/ colleagues and etc.
  3. You are able to complete at least 3 housechores faster than the Usain Bolt WHILE babysitting your kids.
  4. Trying to feed more than one baby and you felt like a worker in a Production Line.
  5. You can shit, pee and shower while eye-powering your baby.

and many more…

Sometimes, it reaches a point that I gave up amazed by my own capabilities and I had already missed out on the girls’ childhood. Like wow.

It took me a while to ponder.

Why. cant. I. take. a. step. back.

If YOU are reading this, do something about it, please.


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