Life, Parenthood, Reflections

Sage. The Great Sage.

It had been quite some times since I actually penned down my thoughts. Despite being 3 days new into the new year, I actually contemplate over many stuff and it’s on a depressed and dark mode.

I had many thoughts running in my mind and perhaps, by taking this leap of faith would help me regain my composure and erase all the “sane” and surreal actions which I had intended to take.

I had taken a bad toll on my health on the last part of the 2017 due to mismatch of my own personal expectations. ’17 and ’18 got to be the most challenging years.


Anyway, Sage is a name that meant (1) the Great. E.g The Great Sage. (2) profoundly wise; and last but not least (3) an aromatic healing plant. This name gave me strength and a closure to something in which I will reveal in near future. People who had went through will somehow figure out this.

Time checked. 0837am and I am still at home. The contemplation had reached its highest and I wondered how life will be 5 years down the road.

This got to be the life I will never forget.

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