Life, Rants, Reflections

A for. (Abusive).

“It’s a joke” but whatever it is, I will keep growing stronger within me. Sometimes I just felt like going back to a carefree 7 years old free from everything.

I wonder, if my daughters come to me in near future, presenting the same set of problem and how should I respond? Is this something I should be thinking through.

All I know, I had an open mind as per compared to the parents of the good o’days. Family support is important for everything. Everything.

People who died a loner had died within them for the longest. People with depression do not receive understanding and compassion from their family or close friends. It’s also an irony when I counsel people but I got so broken within me.

“Life is like a deck of cards. It doesn’t matter how good your hand is but how you decided to play the game well based on circumstances.”

People who had never been in an abusive relationship will never understand the importance of support.  No one had walked the same path as I did and don’t be judgmental.

My only regret that – I could never have another baby in my life over the non-audible losses (with reference back to the previous post). Whatever it is, I need to let go and move on.

Judgment day is near and all I feel is fear.

I guess it’s time, to be awaken and stay alive and safe. And also to work on my beliefs on social enterprise, on empowering women (Google “Scentimental Singapore”). People do not leave abusive relationships for many reasons and I respected that.

For the better or for worst, it’s up to the choice I made. Good luck.

Back to focus. PM me to speak.

Sidenote: To my wonderful friends/ colleagues who had stood by me, you know who you are. Major hugs and love.

And also kind angels for their encouragements and words of wisdom.


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