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Be it finances, personal aspects and etc. I felt heavily burdened and yet, nothing could just “cut me some slack”.

Reflections on a year back, I took a pay cut from Public Sector and join a Fintech. However I left after a month stint after cultural differences and dramas within the organisation.

Despite the fact, many of my peers were shocked that I left an “iron rice bowl” for something non-conclusive with 3 children in the tow, with zero support from anyone (including the man). I admit, it’s indeed a steep learning curve that I excited to be part of when I got hired as the Employee #No.3 in Pioneering Bike-Sharing Local Team.

Looking back, Employee #No.1 and #No.2 had long left the company to pursue better worklife balance and I’m still within the zone of fast pace changes and haywired road maps with uncertainty within.

I was in a total regrets for turning down an opportunity due to a personal reason at another start up, curating in something I believed in.

Till date, I wished I could just say “Yes” on an impulse back then.

However I learnt;

“Sometimes God closes doors because its time to move forward. He knows you wont move unless your circumstances force You. Trust God, Always.”

And Year 2018 – I took another leap of faith to condone in something I deem crazy.

Hopefully, time will tell as this gonna be a make-it thing. I can’t afford to fail this.

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