Circuit Breaker, Rants

Circuit Breaker Day 01 aka #CBDay01

Today, 07 April 2020 marks the World Health Day however with the pandemic situation in Singapore, it also marks the unprecedented move of #CircuitBreaker by the Government, enforcing near to 75% workforce to work from home for 28 days, keeping them away and avoid every single one from traveling around to minimize and curb the community spread (importantly, flatten the curve).

And 08 April 2020 will be the start of students’ home-based learning and I wasn’t ready for it. Hahaha, the thoughts of it scared me but at the same time, I think I would quite enjoy this 1 month, pushing my limits for work (regain my discipline) and spending time with the little ones. Honestly, COVID-19 puts me in place again from all the buzz and hustling. And I don’t think I would have the chance to wake up to such sights in near future.

And I would love to document this journey as part of my time capsule inputs in the near future when I look back in a decade’s time.

So while the girls are still in school, I decide to prepare the battlefield for the next 1 month.

Shifted the sofa away and bring in the dinner table setting for the WFH & HBL sessions.

And also declutter the fridge and food cabinets by throwing the expired stuff away and “reformat” my cabinets as I stocked up in case some #CBkias decide to go out and the community spread went out of hands. *Praying that this day WILL NOT come but just in case.*

And I took the liberty to create a list on my “To-Do” on a daily basis. Hopefully, I keep this discipline.

Cooked my brunch for #CBDay01


#CircuitBreaker Day 01 Menu @ Brunch + Dinner

  1. White Porridge
  2. Steamed Mushroom Egg
  3. Stir-fried Xiao Bai Cai & Cheese Hotdogs

Joke aside, I went to Sheng Shiong to stock up the weekly groceries, the fresh produce and the milks. Was telling R that it was just for these few days because Rayshirl can finish the 2 cartons of milk within 1 day. Went to pickup the Macbook  (to get ready for the HBL) and picked the girls up, that’s the moment I realised — slave life is for me. HAHA.

My Little Boss snacking O_O
Dinner time and the sight that I will be facing for the next 28 days.

Evening was a breeze and night time was insane as I need to deal with all the preparation for the HBL and my work. Pushing the limits till the max but thank god, for snacks!

I also managed to create a telegram group for the Northies where a compilation of shared resources will be updated to them. Community genes game strong.

Did a video with Sharanne on her thoughts about HBL and staying AWAY from school and not stepping out for 28 days. Will try to post it up soon. Meaningful to see from the girls’ POV towards the Government measures to curb this COVID-19.

Worked my asses all the way till 3am and hopefully Day 02 will gets better as the day went by.


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