Circuit Breaker, Rants

Circuit Breaker Day 02 aka #CBDay02


I woke up at 8.00am and prepared the girls for the HBL and guess what, there was a fair bit of cock-ups. Almost going insane and reminded me that it’s only Day 01 of HBL, and there would be more to go. In order to keep my sanity in check, decide to focus on mini-me and cooked brunch.

Menu of the Day: Marconi in “Fake Cabonara” soup with Instant Mushroom Soup & Cheesesticks. HAHA.

Snacking Time. O_O

Afternoon was a killer because the girls gave themselves a break way much earlier and they off school at “12pm” instead of the usual one. And this girl did not finish her work and went to make her chocolate milkshake. HELLO jiejie, at school can like that go canteen buy food as and when you like meh?

Side eye me when I want to snap a picture of evidence to complain to the whole. LOL

Bonding session begins with brunch and all. The girls decide to tell on to their teachers that they had to look after the babysister thus cannot be “online” while I worked. Legit reason but hello O_O.

And I had change one corner of the house to a chillax corner. HAHA, the girls will nap and etc. Example of the chillax that they can have their own screentime there.

Dinner was way much simpler with the “anyhow cook” theme.

Menu of the Day: Cooked a vegetable stew with bai cai, mocked prawns, watercress and tomato. Makan with rice.

Night time was a thought process that this reminded me it’s only Day 01 of HBL. Not sure if it’s a psychological effect but I’m still glad that I have these 28 days bonding with the kids. HAHAHA. Keeping sanity in check.

Decide to chiong her work before 2359 hours.

Okay – sleep, it, snack and repeat.

Amazingly, I had made big plans for these 28 days and just to share on a few things I want to achieve during this period;

  • UXUI for PB done
  • Settle my app development
  • Learn a new language as a family
  • Take my online coding class
  • Purchase my vehicle

And pushing my limits with everything else including social works such as Kampung North.


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