Circuit Breaker, Rants

Circuit Breaker Day 03 aka #CBDay03

09 April 2020. Day 03 of the #CircuitBreaker

The girls (except Rayshirl and Yahyah) woke up earlier to finish up their assignments. #RayshirlTheJoker decides to OTOT finish up her stuff because there is no Google Meets for her this week.

Enhanced measures are called in and everyone is staying home for Easter. Amen.

Cooked a Veggie Stew and Lemongrass x Pandan to detox. I absolutely love the stew-life because it last me through the whole day.

Menu of the Day: Vegetables Stew & Lemongrass x Pandan.

The day flew past with hustling with the kids and all.

Fake Tea Party
Fake Tea Party with the Girls
Rayshirl Makeup
Rayshirl does her makeup better than me.
Mom's Life
Mum’s Life
Snacking with Mummy
Snacking Peas before Bedtime. LOL Supper eh.

Anyway these few days opened up my sights a little, getting to know the learning style of the girls and many more to come. I never thought I would have this opportunity to stay home with them and be a SAHM. HAHA.

I guessed this COVID-19 made this chapter significant about the girls, about the break, about what I want in life. Many mentioned that couples would have more friction than anything else. This period made me realised what I need in future.

Sometimes, some stuff can’t be bought with money. 🙂


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