Circuit Breaker, Rants

Circuit Breaker Day 04 aka #cbday04

10 April 2020 – I felt that after these 28 days, I would have graduated as the Master Chef or maybe a Student Care Teacher. Things made easier when today’s a PH and there’s NO HBL sessions. *relief*

Menu of the Day: Steamed Mushroom & Fried Egg with Porridge.

Day 04 Lunch
The meimeis makaning lunch.
Soup for Lunch
Pre-prepared Ingredients for the Noodles Soup @ Night

Malaysia just announced their extension for the MCO till 28 April 2020 and seriously I hope Singapore will not follow the footsteps to extend this #CircuitBreaker thing. PM Lee had released another video on asking everyone to strongly follow the Circuit Breaker measures.

This includes that footfall should be controlled and all. Sometimes I wonder when will this ends and I begin to wonder;

What will happen to the homeless?

The underprivileged and all? To be honest, they are the ones who will suffer the most during this pandemic period. It’s in all passing phase. This sent me thinking hard on how I can finetune all these and make myself a better person.

Despite that I would need to be mentally strong to fight off what comes may especially toxic people. The first Easter that going online instead of offline gathering.

Bless everyone.


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