Circuit Breaker, Rants

Circuit Breaker Day 05 aka #cbday05

11 April 2020 – Saturday.

Day 05. I decided to give myself a break today. Decide to declutter and learn something, a new language, ok maybe, brush up my bahasa melayu with the girls.

So we kind of Youtube-learn it. FOC ok although a few of my friends recommending Duolingo and all. I guess the rest of the next few weeks, I can see how it goes.

Did another stuff on the #CircuitBreaker Bucket List (which I will add to the sider soon) – Bake Banana Muffin LOL.

Muffin Faceeee.

Somehow, the girls and the furkids are the happiest this month due to this #CircuitBreaker stuff. Not bad.

Today post will be a little tad short as I’m too shocked to say anything else due to a sudden news of a close kin’s passing (non COVID-19 case).

Till date, take care.

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