MY NAME IS WILLYNN. Not Willing or whatever nonsense.

That’s right. For the longest, I wonder if I’m the only abnormal one but I’m those who will tear away pages of the notebook if I think/ assume my handwriting didn’t make it for the mark, resulting in financial and paper wastage (definitely not environmental-friendly) until the cyber blog saved my life.

As of the current lifetime, I had created tons of blogs for various purposes (I deserved it, I know) and the lack of discipline plus some changes in directions, buried those blogs till there ain’t any returns.

As I get older, I begin to realise that I need something to laugh as time goes by or laugh at my poor decisions (my husband is one of them) made when I’m younger.

Heck that micro-influencers stuff and all, I just need a channel to minute pen down my journey in Motherhood, Investment and definitely, the Entrepreneurship.

I had changed a few username/ domains until I manage to fix on @mumtechpreneursg. The name explicitly explains what I’ve been up to thus far and I hope my emphasis on “tech” could turn the table around on gender equality amongst the male-dominated industry.

Enough of the shxts, back to the serious notes;

I’m the eldest of 4 siblings to a Tech-Ops Dad and a Housewife mum. My dad is a workaholic and the main breadwinner of the family. There is once that when we are younger, we were poor till that extent that we can’t afford much, he had to slog work many jobs other than his FT job to bring back that bacon. From being a Cab Driver to a Karung Guni man, I seriously learn to appreciate things better since young. And the workaholic genes run in our blood I guess thus it explains my multiple portfolios.

And also, being a Mother of 4 Girls and 2 Chihuahuas ain’t an easy feat too. I would love to give the best to them and in the meantime, invest wisely to retire early.

My encounter with Forex and Crypto trigger my “another side” of things. So I would say that I’m a Leisure Crypto Retail Investor. A mouthful but whatever. Passionate about community and last-mile business; Scentimental Singapore & Piggyback.

Although I’m not any subject matter expert, I am a calculated risk-taker where I would definitely use this site to pen my inner thoughts about trading. Opinions are my own.

Some fun-facts:

  • I am a Tea Master since 2005 (I know all the SOPs for Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony).
  • I was a PHD (Poly Halfway Dropout) as I believed in the Private Diploma-Degree Accelerated Pathway. 😉
  • I had a Certificate in Japanese Lash-by-Lash Eyelashes Extensions.
  • Had been a Lacto-Vegetarian since I was 7 years old & counting.
  • I got into Top 10 of 2009 FHM The Girl Next Door Contest.

Chat up to find out more. 🙂

For collaborations, contact me via willynn.ng@gmail.com


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