Life, Matcha

My Soul Mate, Matcha

Dear Matcha,

I just wish to pen this note to you as part of the memories in which you had bought me, the wonders of your life and the wonders of my life, with your presence.

I am sorry that I failed you at times, forgetting to get you your favourite treats, screamed at you for the wee-wee mess you made, not being there when the #ongsisters “forced” you to be part of the tea party in which you had never enjoyed (afterall, how does a dog drinks with paws?) and of course, the i-neglected-you-at-times moments.

But… I never treat you as a dog you know. You are like my best friend for life. My daughter, someone who I am hold dearly to and to be frank, you are that someone who knows my darkest secrets.

Words that had never been said. You heard it.

Thoughts that can never be translated. You heard it, too. Spirtually.

Things that were never meant to be seen. You saw it.

Thank you for being my comfort blanket during bedtime, when I am down, when I teared terribly, when I doubted myself, when I did my presentation rehearsals and many more.


Thank you for being there for me, always and unconditionally.

Thank you for that excited and positive vibes of yours whenever you saw me appearing at the door, no matter how late it is.

Thank you for being the kind sister to the #ongsisters and bring great memories and happiness to my family, friends and many more to come.

Indeed, dogs are man’s best friend. And you are my soul mate. My dear soul mate.

Thus I wish you good health, happiness and may we conquer many milestones together as a family. I will be proud of you, just like you how you will be proud of me.

One thing for sure, I doubt I will be able to handle your absence one day. I simply don’t think I can overcome that because you had been part of me.

I love you, my Matcha, forever my wonderful baby.



Your Beloved Hoomannnn Mummy.

P.S: I actually teared when I type this post.