My Crypto Journey

Every single time I think back, “Did Crypto change my life?”

My answer?

It did.

I had a fair share of both positive and negative encounters with Crypto and I can firmly say that it didn’t start on the right footing. Why? Read on to find out >

My first encounter with Cryptocurrency was during my tenure in the infamous oBike where the then-Founder, Shi Yi had worked with the Founder of Tron (Yes, it’s Justin Sun!) to create a payment coin for oBike called, “Odyssey“. Apparently this was after the bloodshed in the Crypto space when $BTC peaked at USD20K and afterwhich things spiraled downhill include oBike’s demise in Singapore then worldwide. And all these happened when I’m in my 2nd and last trimester of my 4th pregnancy.

Not sure if it’s a blessing? I didn’t purchase the Odyssey coins/ oCoins or whatever it’s called. And being a non-tech savy person then, I didn’t think much and just had a bad impression of Cryptocurrency that I had always linked to a “scam”.

Months past, baby’s born. Rebirth and also, I had got to know about Cryptocurrency once more from someone close. In support of the kin’s effort, was convinced to invest during the Private Sales for one of the ICOs called “Halaldinar”. At that time, I didn’t know a single shxts about Roadmaps, Whitepaper and etc. So I based it on the core team’s credentials where a local Politician was listed as part of their Advisory Board, thinking to self, nothing can go wrong when a Politician was involved. I even convinced a few friends to join in.

But again, I was wrong. Some stuff happened along the way and the project did not happen and it became a pump-and-dump ICO crap at the very end. Money *poof*.

Got kind of depressed then. And being jobless with kids to feed, I embark on a job search. Had an offer by an ICO project and an Exchange after a while but in the end, I took up a Marketing role at a Singapore-based Blockchain Firm as I want minimum involvement with Crypto and importantly, be based in Singapore. I have no idea that Blockchain and Crypto are closely linked.

Again, I was wrong. The company had conducted their ICO prior and is working to actualize the project. Being a non-blockchain savvy person, there are tons of things that I need to research on and learn and this is where I had expanded my horizons within the Crypto space and learn interesting stuff that ain’t just about $BTC.

The experience led me to various networks and communities where I get to learn stuff from the Industry Veterans on the blockchain technologies and on crypto trading.

There is no turning back. I even sign myself up for short courses in relations to Blockchain Tech/ Data Science via Udemy to understand the industry better.

Despite leaving the marketing role in June 2019 for personal reasons, I still do check-ins as and when and would love to be part of the industry if good opportunities arise.

No regrets. I swear. And this might be the key to my early retirement.