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My First Tattoo

Yes, thats right. I inked my first tattoo after contemplating for like years, maybe 10 years or so?

Thus I think it would be great if I get this penned down, right here for keepsake purpose.

As it’s my first tattoo, I had archived and combed quite a number of local/overseas Artists prior to the decision made.

As I stumbled across many, the one I would love to have are all based in Korea. But anyway, I had kind of decide to ink 4 roses to symbolise the girls on my back. But question is who will be the one?

So there’s this encounter where I called in a manicurist to my home to do up the CNY Nails and happen to chance upon a floral tattoo that she has. I had this immediate liking and enquire further, she told me that hers was done in Singapore. And I check upon the Instagram account and realised that her booking is closed and will reopen in May. Due to some reasons, I missed the May booking slots and therefore I can only go for the July’s.

Fast forward to 2 weeks before the slots open, I kiasu-ly prepared all the information that will need to be sent to book a slot.

The day came, and I sent in all the information. And patiently wait for a reply. It came back after 3 days and a slot had been confirmed on 08 Aug. Nice.

However I changed my mind about the 4 roses and opted for 4 birth flowers that symbolises the girls.

Went for the appointment 30 minutes late and was there for near to 3 hours. It was ticklish and the pain was bearable. I even dozed off for awhile. LOL.

I love the results. Although the mum wasnt fascinated by the idea of inking initially but she had good vibes about it when she saw it for the very 1st time.

Totally loving it. Check this out:

The tracing before the inking starts:

Fell in love immediately when she sent over the concept to me.

If you are keen to get yourself ink, can consider the Singapore-based Artist Sylvia. 😘❤️