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Rage & Rethink

Note: I wanted to post this on 8 March but had put it as a “Draft” mode till now.

I guess everyone is now flying in rage upon the light sentence given to this MMA Instructor, Mr Paedophile Joshua Robinson. Do read his story HERE.

I read through some of the comments on Facebook and etc, people flew in rage because caning was not given but almost a decade back in Year 1994, a youth-then named Michael Fay was given a caning for vandalism. In case you guys think legislation changed as it’s too far fetched, let’s fast forward to a case in Year 2015, 2 German youths were given caning for vandalism.

To get that race issue out of the whole context and before this entry was ruled as discrimination, in this context, are we telling the whole world that VANDALISM is way more ferocious and deadly as per compared to Child-Rape/ Sexually Assaulting the Minors and worst, trying to sexual groom a six years-old? Wtf is this.

I google the meaning of “vandalism”.

  1. action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.
    “an act of mindless vandalism”

Wow, when someone sexually assault someone, he/ she caused destruction to one’s lifetime. And this “someone” who caused the destruction got a lighter sentence than someone who caused destruction to public property (Quote Michael Fay & 2 German Youths) in which the the public property can be re-paint/ overhaul and etc, to make it new again.

How can one re-paint or overhaul one’s destructed life?

How is this logical? I can sense the anger and deep rage as a Citizen and as a Parent point of view which sets me some thoughts. What-ifs one day, my daughter(s) tells me about what the six-years old told her parents? What would I do?

To be frank. Kudos to the parents who investigate further because I would say there might be a fair portion of parents who might just brush it off. Blame it on the “Take-for-Granted” mentality or “Kia-si” mentality.

Perhaps I should write a post, from a Parent’s POV and to perhaps create this/ a platform to understand and learn from others’ parents, as a whole to create certain support and rapport in educating our kids/ future generations.

It seems kind of true that Asians will always be more reserved in approaching the topics on birds and bees but kids are more liberal and open nowadays due to the available technology and so as parents, we should always take the lead to teach.

If not us, who else right?

Well, let me pitch.

Life, Rants

Break, Free.

Did some soul searching.


And realised that money can’t buy anything else than freedom and etc. Thus I decided to “hibernate” and rethink on the things I want to do, I want to be.

Sometimes, passion can’t make much money neither will principles but still, one need uphold integrity and dignity because it will enable one to walk far.

Resigned from my “job” after a month as it’s no longer suitable for me. Shall take my pace despite I know I need the dollars and cents to tide through after all, I can’t possible just  sit back and relax when I had mouths to feed.

Find it hard to get Angel Investors because somehow I feel indebted. May this year be kind to me.


Life, Rants


Space is something undefined, subject to one’s definition.

It could be 0.00001 millimeters away or it could be as holy as it holds the whole universe together. But something that I do not like, someone physically intruding into my space, my personal space that progressed a level of discomfort.

I need a job, but it doesn’t meant I need to give in to sexual harassment intruders. One should never be silent about it. Rebuked, resisted and finding a way to get out of that critical moment is crucial.

I do not wish to comment much but I want to ask all ladies to trust your instincts. Instincts that will give you tell tale signs of danger. Never give another opportunity to such scumbags, NEVER.

This job indeed gave me steep learning curve. VERY STEEP indeed.