LIFE SUCKS? Its My Responsibility to Change My Life.

Times over times, negativity had been injected into my mind.

Despite having positive notes, there are still negativity and it looms over badly, influencing the people around them.

Best part, many people would do the blame game, pointing to what’s beneficial to them and sometimes be in the heavenly wrong.

At the end of the day, it takes one mind to bring this back to influence further, the family, friends and all.

Soon, everyone will be thinking about… Life sucks. Then sank in further.

Myself too, are guilty of this and I realised at this point, one needs to just pressed on further to see beyond this.

And it boils down to my own responsibility to overturn all the negative vibes.

Afterall its my life. As simple as that.

I learnt a few “survival” tips.

  1. Stay away from the negativity and hang out with the positive ones.
  2. Be decisive. Every minute wasted.
  3. Take a break and have a Social Media Timeout.
  4. Read. Read to learn, read to enrich.
  5. Lastly, go volunteer at a home, do something meaningful because at the end of the day, one will realise, he/ she is still fortunate as per compared to the rest.

I am still learning this and will continue to learn. In the meantime, stay sane people.



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